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Wellness for Warriors

RISE founder, Dr. Sonja Stilp, knows the challenge of returning to normal life after military service. She has seen this in her patients after a lifetime of service and even her own father, an orthopedic surgeon who served the young men and women of the Vietnam War.

rise is on the RISE!

I founded RISE to help patients achieve their performance potential in fitness and life with the most personalized treatment experience available.  I am excited to announce that RISE is evolving and expanding so I can continue  my commitment to restore your body and your life.

Some …

My Favorite Fitness Advice in 2017

I’m so proud of the fact that I’ve got a blog to share fitness, nutrition and exercise advice to help you maintain a happy and healthy life. The blog covered a lot of ground and I thought I’d use the last post of 2017 to reflect on the tips …

Stretch or Don’t Stretch? It Depends

Back in the day, we stretched before exercise. Then we found that stretching before exercise reduces performance and actually increases the risk of injury. But now, a comprehensive review of research concludes stretching isn’t that bad after all.

Are you pulling your hair out yet? Which is it? Stretch? Or don’t stretch?

Stretching: What …

Yoga and Pilates to Treat Low Back Pain

Thirty-one million people suffer from low back pain at any given time. And what’s more, one-half of working Americans admit having back pain symptoms each year. What’s to be done?

The Significant Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise

There are many interventions for low back pain, but most have modest efficacy. And when …