Use your body to heal your body.   Own your POWER.

What is biohacking?

We define biohacking as better living through science, technology, and nature. Biohacking is the application of systems thinking and deep understanding of genetics, epigenetics, physiology and nutrition to take your health and well-being to a new level.

Biohacking is the way to optimize your biology and your life.


Regenerative Medicine is the Ultimate Biohack

Platelete-Rich Plasma (PRP)
uses the body’s own healing potential found in patient’s blood, called platelets. The platelets have growth factors involved in healing and regeneration. PRP is widely used for injuries, anti-aging and sexual wellness.

Read our blog post for more information on PRP treatment.

Stem Cell (BMAC) Therapy
extracts stem cells (MSC), healing and growth factors from a patient’s bone marrow. This is concentrated in a centrifuge and injection into specific areas of the patient’s body to help renew and repair damaged or diseased tissue.

Read our blog post for more information on BMAC therapy.

Dr. Stilp’s Favorite BioHacks:

    • RedLight Therapy
      • activate mitochondria
      • boost energy
      • look better + feel better
    • Cryo Therapy
      • freezing cold system reset
      • decrease inflammation
      • Increase vitality
    • VASPER
      • fitness, focus + metabolism
    • Regenerative Medicine
      • use you to heal you
      • return to play faster + stronger
      • precision healing + longetivity
    • Supplements
      • ask me more about the best supplements to optimize your healing, vitality and anti-aging goals


Sonja Stilp, M.D. is a medical expert with advanced training in regenerative medicine and biohacking. Schedule now to start your Journey to RISE.

RISE videos

Stem Cell Procedure

Dr. Stilp takes us through the BMAC stem cell procedure on her chronic left knee injury from a bike racing crash. WATCH >>

Patient Perspective

Rob BMAC and PRP L shoulder (<1week). ‘Each day drastically progressed to better!’ WATCH >>

Restore and Strengthen

Rob progress update (2 months). ‘Super excited about this!’ ‘Full mobility, No pain.’ WATCH >>

Return to Play

Dr. Stilp from top of Vail, 7 week progress report on BMAC stem cell procedure. WATCH >>