Restore your body and your life. This is RISE.

RISE philosophy

Dr. Stilp founded RISE to help patients achieve their performance potential in fitness and life. Patients receive an expert, holistic approach to spine and sports care without surgery through treatments unique to each patient’s needs.

RISE combines Dr. Stilp’s spine and sports medicine expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and innovative methods to give patients the most revolutionary treatment and care. Dr. Stilp’s treatment uses exercise to combat athletic and spine injuries. A graduate degree in mechanical engineering is the reason for her methodical approach to understanding the root causes of injury by systematically addressing faulty biomechanics or structural imbalances.

Personalized services that strengthen your body and mind

Pain management, resolution, and prevention
Non-surgical spine and sports care
Evaluation of body mechanics
Injections & non-surgical spine procedures
Nerve conduction / EMG studies
Personalized exercise programs

Additional amenities include:

1-on-1 physician treatment with access to trusted network of private providers
Convenient physician access and support through patient portal
Liaison to the CU Sports Medicine & Performance Center

Meet Sonja Stilp, MD

Mother, Founder, Athlete

Dr. Stilp completed her fellowship training at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Practicing a work/life balance as a physician, athlete, wife, and mother, Dr. Stilp comes from a successful background in Category 1 bicycle racing and lives in the mountains outside of Boulder with her husband and “very awesome” twin sons (their words, ha!). They enjoy rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking and freestyle skiing together.

The RISE philosophy of care is a simple promise: To help each patient realize their athletic potential with the most personalized treatment experience available. Sonja Stilp, MD