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Wellness for Warriors

RISE founder, Dr. Sonja Stilp, knows the challenge of returning to normal life after military service. She has seen this in her patients after a lifetime of service and even her own father, an orthopedic surgeon who served the young men and women of the Vietnam War.

When fellow Oshkosh, Wisconsin native John McDaniel approach her about his charitable organization The Wounded Warriors In Action Foundation (WWIA), Dr. Stilp jumped at the chance to help. She developed a hands-on approach to help wounded warriors advance through tiers of wellness. Rather then being a soft-boiled program, Dr. Stilp instilled scientific evidence and life experience into her program.

Dr. Stilp traveled in early June to present her program to the Heroes at the WWIA Guide School. She was impressed by the future guides commitment and compassion to their mission to Honor. Connect. Heal.

The RISE Paradigm

  • Level 1: The RISE Training Method
  • Level 2: HACK Your Genome
  • Level 3: RESTORE

The RISE Training Method

First step MOVE. Warriors IN ACTION.

Evidence Based Approach to Health & Wellness

Keep Moving Your Brain Will Thank You
HIIT Training
Lift Weights, Live Longer
Mindfully Meditate Your Stress
Brain Food
Epigenetic Inheritance
Music As Medicine
Feeling Blue? Step into Nature

We RISE By Lifting Others


It was such an honor and pleasure to spend the day with our American Heroes in South Dakota working together to ‘teach the teacher’ or in medical jargon ‘see one, do one, teach one’. Schedule an appointment to meet with me at RISE in Boulder, Colorado to explore how you can Honor. Connect. Heal. & RISE. ~ Sonja Stilp, M.D.

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2 thoughts on “Wellness for Warriors

  1. Dr. Stilp and her RISE training method created a positive and amazing impact on our combat-wounded veterans during our recent Guide School program as mentioned above. Our Purple Heart students responded very favorably to her instruction and course content. We’re excited about the future and what it holds in store for our healing and wellness efforts in support of our Nation’s Heroes.

    Honor. Connect. Heal. RISE.

    Thank you again Dr. Stilp!

    John J McDaniel
    Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), US Army
    Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation Inc.

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