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Why you NEED to Get Out in the Sun!

Morning Sunshine: Your ULTIMATE Biohack

Did you know that your path to AMAZING health is as simple as 10 minutes of direct sunlight first thing in the morning?! NOTE: Sun even on cloudy days.

Circadian Entropy is the fancy neuroscience name for this: Embrace Sunshine: Your Ticket to Boosted Mood and Better Health

Method: Exposure to early-morning sunlight helps you sleep at night, improves your mood, and enhances your health. Prioritizing morning sunlight does wonder for our health and moods.

Ever find yourself dodging sunlight or seeking indoor shelter? While it’s wise to avoid excessive sun exposure, a little sunshine can actually do wonders for your health!

The concern around skin cancer is real, but moderation is key. When managed wisely, sunlight exposure has benefits that go beyond a good tan.

Here’s the breakdown: Sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin D, often known as the “sunshine vitamin”. This vitamin is crucial for bone health, immune function, and can even help lift your spirits.

Morning sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythms, essentially tuning your body’s internal clock. It helps you wake up, feel energized, and stay alert during the day. Plus, it sets the stage for melatonin release, aiding better sleep at night.

Research also hints at sunlight having potential cancer-fighting properties. It’s nature’s way of adding a little extra to the health mix.

Even for night owls, catching the sunset can be beneficial. It helps adjust your eyes to the changing light, prepping your body for rest.

Here are some simple rules for sun exposure:

  1. Morning Sun: Aim for 2-30 minutes of morning sun to refresh your body and soul.
  2. Light Up Your Workspace: Keep your workspace well-lit during the day to maintain focus.
  3. Catch the Sunset: A view of the sunset can prepare your body for rest.
  4. Dim Lights After Dark: Once the sun sets, dim the lights to signal your body it’s wind-down time.
  5. Red Light Therapy: Enhance mitochondria activation.

So, let’s embrace a bit of sunshine and enjoy the natural boost it brings to our mood and health!

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Sonja Stilp, M.D. is a mother, athlete and the founder of RISE. Dr. Stilp is board-certified and fellowship trained with advanced training in regenerative medicine and biohacking. She is the medical director at Golden BioHack. Her favorite health tool and biohack is SUNSHINE.  If you’d like to hear more about your health and wellness schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Stilp at RISE in Golden, Colorado. PHOTO: selfie of Dr. Stilp and RISE service GSD, Cornelia, at first light on Cupid Peak, Colorado.

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