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Love Yourself into Happy and Healthy Longevity

You are LOVED. You are CHERISHED. You are COMPLETE.

As they instruct on an airplane, you have to put your mask on first before putting a mask on others.

And as it relates to love, it’s hard to give love if you don’t love yourself. Let’s explore how self-love can unlock a life brimming with happiness and good health.

Science shows that the art of self-compassion and self-love can be your secret weapons to unlocking emotional and mental well-being. For instance, practicing self-compassion can work wonders in reducing anxiety, depression, anger, and loneliness, while simultaneously building up your self-support and self-encouragement.

When was the last time you really, truly practiced intentional self love? Here’s one way to do it: Write yourself a letter of love and compassion. Find a quiet space or dimly lit room and allow yourself the freedom and vulnerability to write yourself a love letter. Start with this gentle nudge and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your inner self:

“Dear love, what would you have me know today?”

“It’s truly wonderful to connect with you.”

Now, check in with yourself and take a moment to listen to your inner voice. If it’s easier, consider writing a letter to your younger self. Allow it to guide you as you pour forth a stream of conscious self-love, affirmations, and kindness aimed directly at your own heart.

As you close your love letter, remember these words: “You are loved. You are cherished. You are complete.” Let those be powerful affirmations remembering that the more we nurture self-love, the more positivity we radiate to those around us.

Make self-love a part of your daily routine

Consider starting a gratitude journal as a way to nurture self-love by acknowledging the things you are grateful for, while simultaneously boosting your mental well-being.

Love, especially the love you give to yourself, is the foundation for how you love others. Embrace the enchanting magic of self-love during this month dedicated to all things love.

For those eager to delve into the science behind love, I invite you to explore this enlightening article from the Rise blog.

So, here’s to a love-filled Month. Always remember, you are cherished, you are whole, and you deserve all the love in the world – and then some (READ THAT AGAIN).

You deserve ALL the LOVE in the world – and then some!

Sonja Stilp, M.D. is a mother, athlete and the founder of RISE. Dr. Stilp is board-certified and fellowship trained with advanced training in regenerative medicine and biohacking. She is the medical director at Golden BioHack. Dr. Stilp practices self LOVE and care EVERYDAY.  If you’d like to hear more about your health and wellness schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Stilp at RISE in Golden, Colorado.

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