Journey to RISE

Active healing. Active wellness

RISE offers premier innovative personalized health care
focusing on women’s orthobiologics and total wellness.


Mission of the RISE is to achieve maximal level of Active Healing and  Active Wellness using an evidence based approach on a physician guided journey to RISE.

Own Your Power

Wired but tired yet can’t sleep + your body weight is creeping up/down or around? Step into the restore reflective + medititive physician guided program. This is the essential first step to RISE.

Explore fun ways to thrive fit + fabulous with physician directed creative + integrative functional wellness. Innovate and create awesomeness.

Use your Body to heal your Body. Dr. Stilp has advanced training in regenerative medicine with expertise in orthobiologic therapies including PRP + BMAC Stem Cells into the spine, hips, knees, shoulder + more. She will guide the incredible ability of your body to heal self from within, release the pain.

Empower pharmacy – get your Scream on. Sexual health is integral in Active wellness. Be the hero of your story with physician guided empowerment of libodo, organsm, plus more. Get your kitty purrify again. PRP here too.

Meet Sonja Stilp, M.D.

Mother. Founder. Physician. Athlete.

Dr. Stilp enjoys practicing a work/life balance as a physician, athlete, business owner and mother. Dr. Stilp believes in living life to her fullest. She comes from a successful background in Category 1 bicycle racing and lives in the mountains outside of Boulder with her family and “very awesome” twin sons (their words, ha!). They enjoy rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking and freestyle skiing together. Cornelia is the RISE service dog that is frequently found hanging out at the office. She loves trail running in the high country with Dr. Stilp and is featured in many of the RISE blog and social media posts.

The RISE philosophy of care is a simple promise: To help each patient realize their total health potential with the most personalized treatment experience available. Sonja Stilp, M.D.

Active healing active wellness healing your body from inside out.

non gmo organic products that smell good + make you feel even better.